Keegan Lee
Prepare To Save Your Team In The Upcoming RPG Healer's Quest
A healer's life is never easy
04.03.18 - 4:19 AM

Have you ever been blamed for a party wipe? Had to suffer with an inexperienced party in a tough dungeon? Have you ever received angry PM's from former guild members? If you've answered yes to any of the above, Rablo Games has the perfect RPG for you!

healers quest comedy rpg

Healer's Quest is an upcoming RPG where you are forced into the unfortunate role of party healer for an obnoxious group of adventurers. It's up to you to keep your party alive and fighting, and in turn, protect the world from total annihilation! Featuring robust customization and a light hearted story, Healer's Quest promises to be an enjoyable experience for any world-weary adventurers.

In regards to the creation of the game, Pablo Coma, the sole developer of Rablo Games, says, "I wanted to place the player in the role that's considered by most to be the least interesting one, and show that this role is at least as fun as the others."

Healer's Quest is set to release on April 18th for PC. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info!