Gino DiGioia
New Details for Fire Emblem Warriors Version 1.5: The Awakening
Yay, another 100 hours for me. (I have 193 right now, save me)
03.30.18 - 11:27 PM

Fire Emblem Warriors has received what may be its final version update as it is the one that coincides with its final DLC. Well, there is always the chance we could get a villains DLC, but four more clones would be boring.

fe warriors

Here are the patch notes:

  • Fire Emblem Awakening Pack compatibility has been added.

  • Level cap raised from 130 to 150

  • New blessings such as the Infernal difficulty which increase enemy levels, material boosts, and the Tactician mode which reduce your character's damage and increase your CPU allies' damage to encourage strategic gameplay

  • Level Reset has been added. After clearing Story Mode, you can reset a character's level at the temple in exchange for materials. It cost 1,000,000 gold to do so.

  • Continuous blessings option have been added. While using blessings, you can go to the next map and they will automatically grab the materials from your inventory for the cost.

  • Adds support for the Video Capture feature

  • UI improvement and various bug features
  • Fire Emblem Warriors and its update is now available on Nintendo Switch. Check out Nathan's review and our gallery for more info.