Gino DiGioia
Nintendo RPG Double DLC Release: Xenoblade 2 and FE: Warriors Get Their Due
03.29.18 - 10:12 PM

Nintendo has announced that both Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors will obtain new DLC which will add even more hours to these really long games.

xenoblade 2 dlc

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass owners will gain access to New Quest Pack 2 where you will gain five new quests that will probably take you maybe an hour to finish. Details are below:

New Quests Pack 2 Launching at 10 p.m. PDT 03/29

  • Nopon of Good Tastes (Talk to Bipopo near Galad Residential Zone in Gormott. Available after adding Poppi.)

  • Cleared of All Charges (Talk to Strath in Fonsett, Leftheria. Requires Perun, Godfrey and Perceval.)

  • Beneath the Aurora (Talk to Len at Rigitte Harbor in Leftheria. Available from Chapter 6.)

  • Upgrades and Tinkering (Examine the table in Tora's house. Requires Tora. Available from Chapter 8.)

  • Most Awful News?! (Stay at the inn in Tantal. Requires Finch's Birdbrain Lv.3 and Zeke. Available from Chapter 10.)

fire emblem warriors dlc

Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass owners have already gained access to the game's final DLC, the Awakening Pack. Early thoughts: It's good.

Awakening Pack

  • New Character: Owain: The hammy Ryoma clone Owain has arrived with his unique skill Resonating Power which boosts damage based on how close the unit's strength and magic are. This is good for characters like Lissa or Camilla who have small gaps. Also, Owain's strength and magic are tied: broken much?

  • New Character: Tharja. The sinister Robin clone comes with the skill Vengeance, which increases damage the lower your HP is. It will also reduce HP, so be careful. This is good on characters like Xander and Frederick who have high HP and can take a hit.

  • New Character: Olivia. The unique and shy dancer comes equipped with the skill Galeforce, and while not as broken as in the normal games, it still gives an edge with raising the Warrior and Awakening gauges as you kill captains. Use it on Tiki for OP Manakete destruction.

  • Three new History maps based on the above characters with new map types and conditions.

  • New weapon attributes that can raise all stats, increase weapon speed, and raise weapon attack to max.

  • New costumes for Awakening characters like Chrom's Exalt costume, Lissa's sage costume, and Cordelia's dark flier costume.

  • Awakening characters gain unique weapons and armor break costumes.

fire emblem warriors awakening pack

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors are currently available on Nintendo Switch. Xenoblade 2's DLC will be released at 10:00 PM PDT on March 29th, and Fire Emblem Warriors' is already out. Check out Rob's review of Xenoblade 2 and Nathan's review of Fire Emblem Warriors.