Trent Argirov
Afterparty Gets a Stylish Reveal Trailer Showcasing a Slice of Unlife in Hell
Fresh from the creators of Oxenfree to boot!
03.26.18 - 9:53 PM

Night School Studio, creators of the award-winning Oxenfree, has unveiled the first trailer for their new adventure-RPG Afterparty, and boy, is it a treat on the eyes and ears. Check it out below!

Afterparty follows the pursuits of Milo and Lola, two recently deceased college students that find themselves trapped in the neon-laden streets of Hell. Not content to spend an eternity in brimstone and stylish fire, the two best buds find out about a loophole: outdrink Satan, and he'll let you back into Earth.

With such a fantastic premise and sense of graphical style, I'm personally thrilled at the idea of a new venture from Night School Studio, with Afterparty set to release sometime during 2019.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Afterparty!