Gino DiGioia
Devour Some Aragami With This New God Eater 3 Gameplay
I wonder if gods taste like chicken?
03.25.18 - 9:14 PM

Bandai Namco recently held the God Eater 8th Anniversary Thanksgiving Day (where they probably served god meat) and to give thanks to God Eater, we got some new God Eater gameplay.

New story details were brought forward too:

  • An unknown phenomenon called "Ash Area" destroys all structures that come in contact with it

  • New God Eaters called Adaptive God Eaters or AGE for short will be the focus of the story

  • The protagonist will have a childhood protagonist named Hugo Pennyworth that became an AGE at a young age with the protagonist and will accompany them throughout the story

A story trailer was also shown:

God Eater 3 will release for PS4 and PC at an unknown date. A Western Release has already been confirmed. Stay tune to RPGFan for more info in the future. In the meantime, check out our gallery for the game.