Corey Hall
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Official Website Opens, Serves Up a Wealth of New Intel
Pre-orders are available now!
03.22.18 - 3:53 PM

Though it won't make shore in the West until much later this year, the excitement surrounding Valkyria Chronicles 4 is undeniable. With suitably artful visuals contrasting the war-torn setting of Europa, this title will have much to offer to returning players who have engaged in watercolor sorties of past Valkyria Chronicles titles, while also serving as a perfect jumping-on point for newcomers to the series.

A Windmill in Western Europa from Valkyria Chronicles 4

Those looking to learn more about what the game will have to offer can march on over to the recently opened official site to uncover new information. Prepare yourself by gathering intel about the game's protagonist, First Lieutenant Claude Wallace, his key allies in the Federation Army, and the enemies of the Imperial Army.

A tank rolls through the frozen tundra of Eastern Europa from Valkyria Chronicles 4

Additionally, you can take in the sights of Western Europa's splendidly flower-blanketed landscape, or experience the bracing cold of Eastern Europa's frozen tundra, beautifully presented thanks to Sega's CANVAS Engine.

If you're dying to take up arms against the advances of the malevolently motivated Imperial Army, pre-orders for Valkyria Chronicles 4 are now available. The game will arrive on October 16th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in North America.