Gino DiGioia
Compile Heart Keeps Going, Mary Skelter 2 Announced
You must wonder where they get the money to make these games.
03.14.18 - 11:39 PM

Compile Heart has announced that 2016's Mary Skelter: Nightmares will be getting a sequel in Mary Skelter 2 for the PS4. And with it, the website has released a bunch of info.

Mary Skelter 2 Art

Here are the major points:

  • A remake of Mary Skelter: Nightmares will come with the game.

  • Both games have obtained expanded balance adjustment and debug work.

  • Dungeon Maps have been resized.

  • An automatic feature was added to the Jail Roulette system.

  • Quest System has been enhanced.

  • New features added to the Warehouse include sorting, gifting, and differing items pertaining to quests.

  • Growth Areas are no longer bound by luck and can be unlocked during standard play.

Mary Skelter 2 Art

  • Three new characters have been announced: Tsuu, Little Mermaid, and Nightmare Jack.

  • The story consists of a group called "Dawn" trying to escape a place known as "Jail" which is an impregnable human asylum.

  • Tsuu is the protagonist and one of the Blood Maidens of Dawn. She is young with a strong sense of duty. When she was young, she vowed to marry Little Mermaid and acts as her prince due to it.

  • Little Mermaid is a brave girl who is also part of Dawn. She is gentle but can be impulsive. She also gets embarrassed about Tsuu's vow but still loves her nonetheless.

  • Jack is a boy that Tsuu and Mermaid found while trying to escape Jail. After protecting Little Mermaid from an attack, he almost dies but as he realizes his powerlessness, he turns into a nightmare. Being a nightmare puts his intelligence at an infant-level but still carries the kindness that he originally had. Only Tsuu can understand him.

Mary Skelter 2 Art

Mary Skelter 2 will release on June 28th in Japan. People who pre-order the game will get a love visual novel game called Rengokuto Mary Skelter. Check out the teaser website for it. There is also a limited edition that includes an art book, calender, bath poster, music CD, and PC/mobile wallpaper.

Mary Skelter 2 and the Mary Skelter: Nightmares remake will release on PS4 on June 28th in Japan. There is no word on a western release as of now.

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