John Alas
Another Batch of Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Screenshots Released Alongside Character Profiles
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03.13.18 - 10:33 PM

Idea Factory released additional Hakouki: Edo Blossoms screenshots ahead of it's impending release detailing two new characters: Hachiro Iba and Sanosuke Harada.

hakouki edo blossoms hachiro iba

Hachiro Iba is a wealthy man whose father owned one of the most prestigious Edo dojos that specialized in the Shingyoto-Ryu style. His upbringing has shaped him into a refined, cultured man with a lot of pride in his family. In Kyoto Winds, it is discovered he became a Fury and unable to participate in the battle, wounding his pride and honor.

hakuoki edo blossoms sanosuke harada

Sanosuke Harada is a skilled spearman who once attempted to commit seppuku after losing a drunken bet. He has a very persuasive and convincing manner of speech that allows him to make people feel at ease, being able to reassure protagonist Chizuru and the Shinsengumi despite their anxieties.

hakuoki edo blossoms

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms is out now for PlayStation Vita in North America and is due on March 16th in Europe. Check out our gallery for more screenshots!