Trent Argirov
Falcom Brings Their Take on Card-Based Battling to Smartphones with Legend of Heroes: Kizuna
Ouroboros-ly, it's time to battle!
03.07.18 - 8:17 PM

Falcom has unveiled a thrust into the online collectible card-battling marketplace, with the release of Legend of Heroes: Kizuna, a card-battle RPG based upon the Trails titles in the Legend of Heroes series.

legend of heroes sen no kiseki cast

As of writing, the game can be downloaded via the Google Play store in both Singapore and Malaysia, with no Western release in sight.

The game features an estimated 128 characters from various entries within the Trails series, such as The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, with characters also featured from The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki and The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki; a duology unreleased in the West as of writing.

The card-battle RPG will sport gameplay optimized for touchscreen devices, challenges against the secret society known as Ouroboros, sport alternate costume variants of the Trails franchise characters and cast, and allow for co-operative gameplay between players.

trails in the sky third chapter cast

Legend of Heroes: Kizuna will sport a new story within the Trails universe, wherein a space-time distortion caused by "The Azure Tree" pits Crossbell Police investigator Lloyd Bannings against the machinations of an unknown force, in a mysterious new continent, with unlikely partner Special Support Section member Elie MacDowell.

trails of cold steel II cast picture

As it stands, The Legend of Heroes: Kizuna seems to be Falcom's answer to the card-based RPG trend that continues to be a mainstay upon mobile devices worldwide. Here's hoping for a Western release soon!

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