Corey Hall
Eurogamer Claims Diablo III is Coming to Nintendo Switch
¡Ay, Dios mío!
03.07.18 - 8:12 PM

Last week, speculation began to fly regarding the possibility of Diablo III arriving on Nintendo Switch after the official Diablo account on Twitter posted a mysterious video seeming to tease an announcement. Of course, Activision Blizzard issued an official statement saying that there are currently no plans to announce a version of Diablo for Nintendo Switch. This is precisely the kind of statement someone planning to announce Diablo for the Nintendo Switch would release — especially if they were contractually obligated to keep such information under wraps.

Diablo III logo

According to Eurogamer, sources have come forward with information claiming that Diablo III will come to Nintendo Switch in the future. Eurogamer now stands behind these sources saying that the game is "very much in production," but say that their sources were unable to confirm whether the "Reaper of Souls" and "Rise of the Necromancer" expansions would be included in the port.

Additionally, the folks over at Eurogamer state that an announcement is still "several months off," meaning we could be waiting until E3 or later for a solid confirmation. If true, this would be the first Blizzard title released on a Nintendo system in almost 15 years, making this potential reveal doubly exciting.