Gino DiGioia
Dragon Crown Pro Shows Off Its Characters in New Trailer
No joke here. The title says everything.
03.07.18 - 8:08 PM

Atlus has released a trailer for Dragon's Crown Pro showing off its six main characters in very flashy combat. Here are some details about them, after the jump.

dragon's crown pro

  • Amazon: An agile fighter that rely on unarmed punishing kicks that deal lethal damage.

  • Dwarf: Stocky fighters whose muscular frames allow for dual-wielding weapons and throwing enemies at each other.

  • Elf: Athletic fighters who use a bow and arrow to fight nimbly and from a distance.

  • Fighter: Heavily armored knights that can block attacks with their shield and use a one-handed sword to attack quickly.

  • Mage: A powerful user of dark arts that allow for interesting support options like creating food, controlling skeletons, and turning foes into frogs.

  • Wizard: A powerful user of magic that uses a variety of spells to overwhelm foes.

Check out the full trailer below.

Dragon Crown Pro will launch for PS4 on May 15th in North America and Europe. Check out our review of the original Dragon's Crown to get pumped about it.