Peter Triezenberg
NieR: Automata Contains One Secret That Has Yet to Be Discovered
I am intrigued.
03.07.18 - 1:46 AM

Okay, real talk, I missed NieR: Automata last year, a fact for which I am eternally ashamed, since I adored the PS3/360 original. I've been playing catch-up over the past couple weeks and having the time of my life doing so, however, so when Yoko Taro and company state that there's some sort of as-yet-undiscovered secret to be found within the game... well, color me intrigued.

nier automata secret undiscovered yoko taro famitsu

But first, a recap. In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Yoko Taro and nine other members of NieR: Automata's development staff celebrated the game's one-year anniversary, stating that they were thrilled that the game had sold so well (exceeding their wildest expectations, with over two million sales worldwide). The team is currently busy hiring for a NieR-related work scenario staff, and are proposing a new title to producer Yosuke Saito. According to Yoko Taro, "I made the proposal thinking it would be good if everyone suffered. I want to announce it when the project is passed." Classic!

With the ten-year anniversary of NieR coming in 2020, the development team would like to do something "big" for this occasion. Perhaps then we will see an announcement regarding the future of NieR.

nier automata 10th anniversary

...okay, enough recap. So what's the deal with this "secret?" Well, according to the development staff, "that" has yet to be uncovered. Apparently it would be "bad" if it were discovered, so the team didn't want to elaborate further. This "specification" that was put into the game is the final secret of NieR: Automata, and I'd imagine that scores of rabid fans are now poring over the game's world trying to figure it out.

Also, did you know that you can mess with the camera distance by clicking R3 while holding one of the directional buttons? This is a holdover from the original NieR. It kind of breaks the game's camera, but still, neat.

nier automata square enix

Stay tuned to RPGFan for more on all things NieR! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a mission to attend to for YorHa...