John Alas
Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Patch Adds Tons of New Updates
One of the biggest yet.
03.06.18 - 12:17 AM

Final Fantasy XV's Royal Edition is out now, but those who bought the game early can also look forward to several new updates in the latest version 1.23 patch. The lion's share of these are in Comrades multiplayer mode, but single player mode gets a fair amount as well. See the lists below.

final fantasy xv royal patch updates

Main Game

  • Character Dossiers in Archives (pictured above)

  • Winning Snapshot announcement from fourth photo contest (Available at Mother of Pearl at Galdin Quay)

  • New Chapter 10 Quests

  • Bug fixes

final fantasy xv comrades updates

And now for the big one.

Comrades in Arms Quest

The Comrades in Arms Quest is a special quest that combines the three main types of Quests, "Hunt", "Defense" and "Escort". Players will choose between Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis leaving the other three characters to be controlled by other players. Matchmaking will ensure that two players choosing the same character will not be matched with each other and AI will fill in for characters not chosen if a match is not found.

final fantasy xv brothers in arms quest comrades

During the quest, players will have pre-set items that cannot be changed. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with special avatar items including, "Ancestor's Face","Hairstyle" and "Eyebrows" for the character you cleared with. There will be no experience given out, but collected loot will carry over.

Raising Chocobos

Players will unlock the ability to raise Chocobos after the events of Galdin Quay. They can be trained to open up new power supply routes or fight in the Chocobo Monster arena. A Chocobo mark on the quest will be required to begin catching the Chocobos. Up to 10 Chocobos can be raised at once and they will not be able to be ridden on the field.

final fantasy xv comrades updates chocobo

New Bases

Two new bases have been added, Cape Caem and Norduscaen Garrison. Cape Caem amenities include unique Chocobo breeding stables and monster stadiums. Character changing, quests, transmission stations and weapon remodeling can be done here as well.

final fantasy xv comrades updates new bases

Norduscaen Garrison's unique feature is a training grounds area with supernatural armor. Both bases are accessible after the events at Galdin Quay.

Everything Else

Character and weapon level caps have been raised from 50 to 99 and 99 to 120, respectively. Weapons will require a "Meteorite" when remodeling to raise their level cap. Modified weapons can now be dismantled as well requiring a "circuit diagram" to do so. In addition, more materials, weapons and abilities have been added for remodeling, giving players an exponentially higher number of choices.

final fantasy comrades updates 2

Finishing off the Comrades additions, "Meteor Shards" are now available to purchase with Gil. Avatars can be customized with new ancestor faces, hair styles and costumes. Finally, four main game characters will make appearances as Chefs, Gentiana, Cor, Iris and Aranea.

And that does it for this enormous update! Stay tuned for more news on Final Fantasy XV!