Trent Argirov
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine's Original Soundtrack Ready for Your Ears at Digital Storefronts Worldwide
Man, that title is just empirically smooth, much like the songs on this soundtrack.
03.04.18 - 1:08 PM

In adjacent pop-culture news, Materia Collective has announced that the original soundtrack for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is available for purchase at digital storefronts worldwide.

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Composed by BAFTA-nominated and award-winning musician Ryan Ike, of Gunpoint and Frog Fractions 2 fame, the soundtrack contextualises the setting and story of Where the Water Tastes Like Wine in a way, that encompasses both "…folklore from across the United States spanning over a century of history…" and a soundscape that "…touches on everything from blues and swing to patriotic marches and tunes inspired by the indigenous people of the Americas…", as stated by Materia Collective.

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Ryan Ike also had high praise for the conceptualization and production of the soundtrack, extolling praises on both his involvement in it, and the juxtaposition of style and gameplay, and how it influenced his production and methods. Check out his full remarks below!

"Working on this soundtrack has been a dream come true for a lot of reasons," notes composer Ryan Ike. "I've always been really interested in how music can change and take on a life of its own as people share it, and getting to explore that idea with WTWTLW's world map theme (which shifts styles and influences depending on where you are in the country) was awesome. I'm also a big fan of how people from different backgrounds can come together to form one musical culture. I think American Folk music is one of the best examples of that, and writing this soundtrack meant I got to work with a ton of amazing performers from all over the country, including many I've been wanting an excuse to hire for a long time. Working on this game really crossed a lot of stuff off my musical bucket list!"

The original soundtrack sounds like it'll be a Southern delight of soundscapes and tunes, and I personally cannot wait to experience it alongside the game. The original soundtrack for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is available now via Bandcamp, Steam, GoG, Amazon, Genius and other digital storefronts worldwide.

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