John Alas
Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms 'Corruption' Trailer and Suitor Screenshots Released
Four bachelor profiles available for your pleasure.
02.25.18 - 6:11 PM

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms trip through Japan's Edo era is arriving in the West soon and Idea Factory has released a new trailer detailing the game's "Corruption" feature where players can choose to offer blood, treat their warrior's wounds or let them suffer in pain. See it for yourself below.

We also got new screenshots for some of the game's bachelor's, Heisuke Toudou, Susumu Yamazaki, Hajime Saito, Keisuke Sanan.

hakuoki edo blossoms heisuke toudou

Heisuke Toudou is a former captain of the Shinsengumi police force. The young, idealistic suitor struggles to adapt with the rise of Imperial Nationalism in Edo but eventually overcomes his naivety to establish a place in the new world.

hakuoki edo blossoms susumu yamazaki

Susumu Yamazaki is a shy, skillful medic. He serves the Shinsengumi as it's primary medic and serves the Watch while off duty at his medic position.

hakuoki edo blossoms hajime saito

Hajime Saito is a quiet, lone wolf who is the Captain of the Shinsengumi's 3rd division. Mocked during childhood for being left handed, his serious personality stems from this experience. Despite his difficult past, he went on master the sword style "iai".

hakuoki edo blossoms keisuke sanan

Keisuke Sanan is a logical, reserved man. He is obsessed with finding an antidote to the water of life because of his guilt over killing the Fury Corps. Over time he comes to accept his status as a Fury and overcoming his guilt.

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms is due for release for PlayStation Vita on March 13th in North America and March 16th in Europe.