Mike Salbato
Full Throttle Remastered Review
Rev up your engines, boys! And girls! And porgs!
02.23.18 - 3:05 PM

Lest you think my porg reference is pointless, you should know that among its cast, Full Throttle features Mark Hamill, well known for his role of "Mysterious Old Man" in a 2014 episode of Gravity Falls.

One of the latest LucasArts titles to be given the remaster treatment, Double Fine released Full Throttle Remastered last April. Does the gameplay hold up after all these years and combine with the faithfully-recreated graphics to deliver a solid experience? Well, let's ask John Tucker, shall we?

You can see more comparison shots in our gallery, but here's an idea of the graphical upgrades that can happen between 1995 and 2017:

Full Throttle Remastered Screenshot Full Throttle Remastered Screenshot