Trent Argirov
North American Limited Edition for Code: Realize Announced For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita
Steampunk romance awaits!
02.20.18 - 1:48 AM

Publisher Aksys Games have announced that Code: Realize, a steampunk otome series originally released in 2015 and 2016 for the PlayStation Vita will be getting two special editions for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of the title.

The PlayStation 4 version, known as Code: Realize - Bouquet of Rainbows, is set to compile and centralize both the main game (Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth) and a fan disk (Code: Realize - Future Blessings) into an essential version, and a special edition to go along with it, as seen below!

PlayStation 4 Limited Edition

code realize limited edition packaging

The special edition, alongside the PlayStation Vita special edition, includes a full-color banner emblazoned with male characters from the series, nine metal character pins and eight collectible character cards.

The PlayStation Vita special edition, however, has two notable differences, with Code: Realize - Future Blessings being the only version contained within the special edition, and a custom sleeve included to store both Code: Realize - Future Blessings and Code Realize - Guardian of Rebirth, which is being sold separately for the portable system.

As it stands, Code: Realize is set to make a resurgence in North America, and is expected to arrive on March 30th for all enthusiasts of romance, steampunk, and otome!

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