Trent Argirov
Kentucky Route Zero Interlude Available Now For PC
A broadcasting station, a small town, and magical realism lie within. What's not to love?
02.14.18 - 10:38 PM

Cardboard Computer has released a standalone interlude for their long-running series Kentucky Route Zero, focusing on the exploits of a producer working within a fictional local radio station known as WEPV.

kentucky route zero logo

Titled Un Pueblo De Nada (A Town Of Nothing), the interlude focuses on a woman named Rita, as she hosts and works her way through a late-night program in the Southern dust reaches. In an absolutely stellar and unexpected gesture, players are able to directly listen to the broadcast, via a database cataloguing the individual sections of the aforementioned program. Players can also download the game, to see the sections in sound be realised within the art and staging of Kentucky Route Zero's aesthetic.

Players possessing consoles have a lot to look forward to regarding the future of Kentucky Route Zero, as a series, as Cardboard Computer has also confirmed that the series is heading to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One once Act 5 of the series launches on PC.

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Kentucky Route Zero is an ongoing series, with Acts 1-4 available on PC, via Steam.

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