Peter Triezenberg
Enjoy A Mountain of Kingdom Hearts III Media from D23 Expo Japan
A closer look at Riku's new design, Sora and company's monstrous new appearances, and more.
02.12.18 - 8:24 PM

In case you missed it, Square Enix dropped some juicy gameplay footage from the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III at the recent D23 Expo Japan 2018 event. Between that and the newly unveiled Utada Hikaru theme song, it's a good time to be a Kingdom Hearts fan, and now Square Enix has released some new screenshots and artwork for the game to accompany the new footage. You can check out the goods in our freshly updated gallery, but let's take a look at some highlights below.

kingdom hearts iii monsters inc world pixar sora donald goofy

Of course, the biggest takeaway from the new gameplay footage was the confirmation of a Monsters Inc. world in Kingdom Hearts III. Sora, Donald, and Goofy will encounter Mike and Sully and utilize their unique combination attacks to combat enemies. While exploring the Monstropolis city-scape, the dynamic trio will take on new, monstrous forms.

kingdom hearts iii sora monsters inc

kingdom hearts iii goofy monsters inc

kingdom hearts iii donald monsters inc

In the Monsters Inc. world, Sora and company will be confronted by a familiar foe (at least, for us): the sinister Vanitas, who appears to be on the hunt for his counterpart Ventus following the events of Birth by Sleep.

kingdom hearts iii vanitas

Also: Marluxia's back! That's...interesting. The main antagonist from Chain of Memories, he now is a member of Xehanort's True Organization XIII and makes an appearance in the world based on Tangled. Flynn and Rapunzel will also serve as party members in this world.

kingdom hearts iii marluxia

kingdom hearts iii rapunzel flynn

Square Enix has also confirmed the return of the Dream Eaters, who served as both enemies and helpful allies in the 3DS Kingdom Hearts entry: Dream, Drop, Distance.

kingdom hearts iii dream eaters

Last, but certainly not least, series mainstay Riku has also seen a dramatic redesign for Kingdom Hearts III. In the music video for "Don't Think Twice," Sora's erstwhile rival is seen burying the broken remains of his Way to the Dawn keyblade in the sands of the Realm of Darkness. The significance of this remains to be seen, but he is sporting a nifty new outfit, and Keyblade to boot.

kingdom hearts iii riku

riku way to the dawn kingdom hearts iii

Stay tuned to RPGFan for more Kingdom Hearts III news! Be sure to watch the trailer below if you haven't already (or, y'know... do it again). The game is set to release in 2018.