Corey Hall
Final Entry in DONTNOD's Vampyr Web-Series Releases, Puts Storytelling on Display
Plus, a release date. Soon it will walk among us!
02.10.18 - 10:13 PM

Upcoming action-RPG Vampyr is DONTNOD's latest game in development. The Life is Strange studio has been detailing various aspects of the game's development so far, including the setting and music, through a continuing web-series which you can read more about here. The fourth and final entry in the series has arrived, digging deeper into their approach to storytelling in this gothic world, driven by choices, and grounded by its emphasis on humanity.

Dr. Jonathan Reid from DONTNOD's upcoming Vampyr

The developers have approached this title's narrative in a way that takes advantage of the active involvement of players, which they say is the key difference between video games and all other forms of entertainment. Taking inspiration from theater, the story plays out as the main character observes deeper story elements unfolding between both their interactions with the world around them, and the people who are forced into the dangerous, diseased, and murderous world of Vampyr's 1918 London. The importance of narrative is paramount, and in this episode, the developers discuss their approach to including story elements in not only the cinematic cutscenes throughout the game, but in every interaction the player will encounter. Check out the full video below for more on creating the narrative focus for the world of Vampyr.

If you're dying to experience life after death through the eyes of vampire surgeon Dr. Jonathan Reid, worry not, because Vampyr will release on June 5th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC! Look forward to an exciting, immersive, and tragic story where your every action changes the world around you.