Mike Salbato
Adopt-A-Hunter Interview: Enriching Monster Hunter: World's Community
Veterans and newbies, unite for great justice. (also hunting)
02.07.18 - 2:18 PM

Several RPGFan editors have been spending their off-work hours in Monster Hunter: World's... er, world, since it released in late January. Earlier in the month, Nick penned a great introductory piece to Capcom's latest, and most accessible title, in the popular series.

Monster Hunter World Screenshot

While he is also nearly wrapped up with his review of the game, that wasn't enough Monster Hunter it seems, so we reached out to the folks behind the Adopt-A-Hunter program. This is an ever-growing community of veteran players who specifically sign up to help new players get acclimated to what can be an overwhelmingly complex world, filled with monsters, gear, and gameplay systems to get accustomed to.

Nick spoke with Woulfe Condra, one of the co-creators of Adopt-A-Hunter about how they operate, their mission objectives, and much more. Give the full interview a read now, and look for our Monster Hunter: World review soon.