Alana Hagues
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Review
What a way to celebrate a promotion.
02.06.18 - 12:37 PM

It's almost here! Radiant Historia is considered one of the best DS games, and rightly so with its engrossing combat, story and music, so a remake should be celebrated. Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is out on 13th, and Tris Mendoza, who's a big fan of the first game, managed to power through it to bring you his thoughts early!

This isn't just about the review though - Tris has been a part of our team since September, and any new staff start of as contributors for the first few months to get them used to the site. Tris has settled in perfectly, and while this promotion is a little overdue, his review makes it a perfect time to celebrate. He's been incredibly productive, friendly and a joy to work with, so here's to many more months with us! Congratulations Tris!

Check out his thoughts on Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, and see if it's worth a second visit!