Chris Gebauer
Dragon's Crown Pro Gets a New Co-Op Trailer
2D hack and slash awesome with a dash of jolly cooperation.
02.06.18 - 12:50 AM

Dragon's Crown Pro won't be arriving in North America till Spring time, but that hasn't stopped Atlus from teasing us about what is just around the corner. Because while Dragon's Crown Pro may be an even more beautiful 4K version of the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita Vanillaware 2D beat 'em up, the only thing that can make the experience better is playing with friends!

Co-op in Dragon's Crown can be accomplished on the couch or online with up to four players with any combination of players being local or out on the interwebs. You could even team up with players from previous iterations of the game to take down the minions and bosses plaguing the Kingdom of Hydeland.

Dragon's Crown Pro

Dragon's Crown Pro is slated for release in North America this Spring on PlayStation 4.