Michael Sollosi
Retro Encounter 120: The Thrill of the Hunt
First things first I'll carve your brains / Then I'mma start rocking gold teeth and fangs
02.01.18 - 5:28 PM

Monster Hunter World is upon us, and it's the first video game blockbuster hit of 2018. A game from last week isn't quite retro enough for Retro Encounter though, so three of RPGFan's most enthusiastic Monster Hunter fans hop on the show to talk about their personal experiences, weapon mains, and many years of hunting wyverns, dinosaurs, and giant pink fart monkeys.

Pack your mega potions, well-done steaks, shock traps, and tranq bombs, and listen to Retro Encounter mouth off on Monster Hunter!

Featuring: Michael Sollosi, Nathan Lee, Nick Ransbottom

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