Mike Salbato
Memoria: Final Fantasy XI & XII
Don't believe Ondore's... oh, wait, different Ivalice here.
12.29.17 - 8:52 PM

We're nearing the end of the mainline Final Fantasy titles in our Memoria feature. Today we have the eleventh and twelfth games, which are oddly wildly different and similar in some ways.

Our main Final Fantasy XI veteran Derek filled in what may have otherwise been a gap in coverage, and wrote about his fond memories of Final Fantasy XI, the series' first MMORPG.

Arriving four years later, Final Fantasy XII is often held in high regard — certainly around here! — and while it returned Final Fantasy to its single-player experience, the world design and combat was interestingly, not unlike an MMORPG. And since some of this would go in to influence some of FFXIV's design decisions, it's a key title for the franchise. But enough of that, go read Rob and Caitlin's FFXII stories, and as always, bask in Stephanie's lovely artwork for both titles.

Memoria will return next week with Final Fantasy XIII!