Michael Sollosi
Retro Encounter 115: 2017 Year in Review
2017 is dead. Long live 2017.
12.28.17 - 6:01 PM

Continuing a Retro Encounter annual tradition, six panelists talk the year in video games, from January's Tales of Berseria to December's Xenoblade Chronicles 2. 2017 was such a dense year for RPGs that there is a lot to discuss. In addition, the panel briefly discusses their favorite RPGFan podcasts and features of the year and a few 2018 games they're looking forward to.

We examine the year in video games and take a look to the future in the final Retro Encounter of 2017!

Featuring: Michael Sollosi, Robert Fenner, Marcos Gaspar, Alana Hagues, Dom Kim, Peter Triezenberg

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