Trent Argirov
Universal Studios Japan Showcases 'Final Fantasy' Themed Ride In A Brief But Bombastic Teaser
Midgar looks absolutely spectacular!
12.27.17 - 7:42 PM

In RPG-adjacent news, Universal Studios Japan have released a teaser trailer for Final Fantasy XR Ride, a motion VR simulator set to bring the world of Final Fantasy to cinematic life! Check it out below!

Final Fantasy XR Ride is set to be part of Universal Studio Japan's upcoming showcase Universal Cool Japan 2018, promoting both anime and video games that have made a titular impact in pop culture worldwide. Attendees will both board an airship and settle down for a cinematic delight that involves the fantastical world of Final Fantasy VII.

Other cameos or games within the franchise have not been confirmed as of yet, but personally, I think this is a spectacular application of what the franchise entails, in a thrilling medium. Final Fantasy XR Ride is set to begin on January 19th, 2018 and run until June 24th, 2018.