Peter Triezenberg
The Alliance Alive Gets March 27th Release Date from Atlus
Have a daemonically good time in this 3DS RPG.
12.19.17 - 12:52 PM

Atlus has announced that The Alliance Alive will be making its way to the Nintendo 3DS on March 27th, 2018. The company has also released a few new screenshots and a new trailer highlighting the game's Daemonic characters: check it out below.

Although he was once used as an instrument of war by the Daemons to enslave humanity, he is now a key member of the Night Ravens resistance group. His skills with an axe and loyalty to his friends are valuable assets in the battles to come. Up next, we have the dynamic duo of Vivian and Ignace. Vivian is a fox-like Daemon from another world who wishes to learn more about the curious creatures known as humans. She's a compassionate being that harbors no ill-will towards other species, but don't let her bubbly and friendly disposition fool you. Vivian is an extremely powerful sorceress who won't hesitate to use her powers for good. Finally, we have Vivian's servant, Ignace. Even though he's extremely pompous towards non-Daemons and clashes with some members of the party, his loyalty to Vivian is unwavering. Plus, he's pretty good in a scrap, so never count him out!

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