Trent Argirov
Check Out The 25th Ward: The Silver Case's New Gameplay Preview Trailer
Uncover the truth in a world of contrast and danger!
12.19.17 - 12:48 PM

Publisher NIS America and developer Grasshopper Manufacture have released a striking trailer for The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, a sequel to the 1999 tech-noir mystery The Silver Case. Set to a rising, electronic beat, and showcasing both evidence gathering and various puzzle mechanics, the gameplay preview sets a stark tone for the title. Check it out below!

Released in 2005 for mobile devices, exclusively in Japan, sparse details have been given for The 25th Ward: The Silver Case thus far, but it is known that players will be able to explore the 25th Ward of Kanto, a futuristic and violent region of Japan, in the pursuit of both truth and answers. If you're curious about what the tone of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case might involve, be sure to check out reviewer Robert Fenner's thoughts on the first game in the series: The Silver Case.

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case is set to release during 2018 for both PlayStation 4 and PC.

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