Trent Argirov
Guild Wars 2's 'Wintersday' Celebrations Return For 2018
A Tyrian winter wonderland awaits!
12.12.17 - 10:57 AM

With Christmas on the horizon and carols lilting, ArenaNet has confirmed that seminal MMORPG Guild Wars 2 will see the return of Wintersday; an annual in-game holiday event gracing the world of Tyria.

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Wintersday will allow players to partake in a range of returning festive activities from December 12th to January 2nd. In the vein of what Guild Wars 2 has become known for, the activities will include combat with rampaging robotic toys, jumping puzzles, and glorious snowball fights. Check out the full list of activities below!

  • The Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle
  • Toypocalypse: Band together with other players to defend gift-bearing dolyaks against an onslaught of malfunctioning toys
  • Tixx’s Infinirarium: Enter and help the jolly Toymaker Tixx prepare to share the wonder of Wintersday with all of Tyria
  • Bell Choir: Take center stage and make beautiful music to celebrate the season
  • Snowball Mayhem: Gather as many gifts as possible in this PvP snowball fight

It seems like players have their virtual festive work cut out for them in Tyria this wonderful winter. If you're curious about what RPGFan thinks of the current state of Guild Wars 2, check out reviewer Scott Clay's thoughts on the MMORPG's latest expansion: Path of Fire!

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