Mike Salbato
The Lion War: Finding the Voice of Ivalice
Blame yourself or localization.
12.08.17 - 4:00 PM

Once master of all things music at RPGFan, Stephen Meyerink ran both RPGFan Music and our Rhythm Encounter podcast (RIP), until his untimely... oh wait, this is sounding morbid. He isn't dead. He has, however, moved on from RPGFan and is now a freelance translator, editor, gambler, and like, wizard or something.

It's sad for us that he isn't here, but it's good for him, so we're mostly happy. Luckily, today, we can all benefit from his shared love of all things Ivalice and his career that has his brain in localization mode all the time, as he's written a guest piece for us.

The Lion War: Finding the Voice of Ivalice is a look at some of the finer details in Final Fantasy Tactics' two localizations, what's different, why, and more. If you're a fan of the world of Ivalice or translation and localization in general, it's a required read.