Mike Salbato
We Met in Eorzea: Dad of Light and Connection in Final Fantasy XIV
You know you've made it when you have a Netflix spin-off show.
12.01.17 - 8:56 PM

When I heard that Final Fantasy XIV was getting a spin-off TV show, even as an ardent — if not fervent — fan of the game, I didn't think much of it. It seemed like an amusing concept, but it would certainly never leave Japan, I thought, so I didn't invest much hope in that happening. I mean, how would you market a show called "Daddy of Light" to American audiences?

Well, clearly, you would just call it "Dad of Light."

Turns out, not only did the show make it to other markets via Netflix, it's not half bad! It is, in fact, entertaining, touching, and relatable. As much as Dad of Light can be seen as a cross-promotional media vehicle for Final Fantasy XIV, it has heart, and at its core is a personal tale about family and growing up. Caitlin discusses these things in more depth, how the show resonated with her, and the interesting ways that Dad of Light, FFXIV, and her real life and friendships all intersect in her article that comes highly recommended. (Don't worry, FFXIV knowledge is not required!)