Chris Gebauer
Dragon Quest XI's First Two Days of Digital Sales Revealed
People love that Dragon Quest!
08.30.17 - 8:08 PM

Publication Weekly Famitsu has published the digital sales for games between June 29th andJuly 30th in Japan, including Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

Dragon Quest XI sales

The most recent main entry in the longstanding and incredibly popular (especially in Japan) Dragon Quest series released on July 29th, so the following digital sales numbers took place over only two days, the 29th and 30th. On PlayStation 4 Dragon Quest XI sold 113,182 digital copies, and on 3DS the game sold 62,939 digital copies.

Remember these are digital only sales, so expect a much meatier number to be revealed in the future combining both digital and physical sales numbers. For comparison, the much beloved Splatoon 2 came out on July 21st and sold 60,205 copies digitally, and Gundam Versus released on July 6th and only sold 40,260 digital copies.

Once again we have infallible data proving people in Japan love their Dragon Quest. For those of us in the North America, Square Enix has said Dragon Quest XI will be making its way west sometime in 2018.