Mike Salbato
RPGFan Music Monday: No One But You OST ~fragments~ Review
I keep trying to think of a horrible pun to go here, so I'll just spare you all.
08.21.17 - 11:30 PM

It's Monday, so you know what that means: A new music review! Today's update is, however, a bit of a mixed bag, because as glad we are to bring you this review of the No One But You OST, it also marks the last review from Music Editor Brigid Choi.

Brigid has been with us since November 2014, when we really started making an effort to build a dedicated Music staff, and thanks to their undying love of Splatoon, quickly became known as "Squijid" amongst the staff. Brigid also coined the still-in-use term that many an RPGFan editor uses in referring to one another: The RPGFanmily. We're all richer for having this phrase in our lives. Like, spiritually richer, at least.

But when a good opportunity comes around, you'd best look into it, so they'll be moving on to greener (yes, greener than here) pastures. We wish Brigid nothing but the best of luck in these endeavors.

And so, check out Brigid's final music review: No One But You OST ~fragments~.