Robert Fenner
Collar X Malice Review
Hot Fuzz.
08.20.17 - 1:34 PM

I've lost track of the number of interesting otome titles that arrived over the course of this year, so I'm grateful that Neal Chandran has reviewed Collar X Malice.

The latest from Idea Factory and Aksys, Collar X Malice puts players in the shoes of a Shinjuku policewoman in the midst of a terrorist attack. Thrown into the danger zone and assaulted by unknown assailants, she soon finds herself entangled with a bevvy of bishounen bobbies on the beat. Who can you trust? And more importantly, who do you want to kiss?

I realize I've boiled this down to its base elements, and I assure you that Neal's review does a much better job that my blurb. Check out his review below.