Mike Salbato
Final Fantasy XIV Now Has Over 10 Million Players
Who'd have thunk it, back in 2010?
08.09.17 - 10:17 PM

I won't bore you with rehashing the details of Final Fantasy XIV's abysmal launch version, but it's fun to think back on those days, and how ridiculous it would have seemed to say, "you know, one day, this completely unfinished and broken game will one day have upwards of ten million players."

And yet, here we are, almost 7 years later, having lived with the rebooted game for almost 4 years, where Square Enix has confirmed exactly that. That 10,000,000 count does include free trial users, but it's still nothing to shrug off. The last "active" player count I recall the company reporting was upwards of 6 million, so even with trial accounts, it's safe to say the game continues to steadily grow, thanks to quarterly major updates, and the two expansions released thus far.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Moonfire Faire Catgirls

This announcement coincides with this week's Patch 4.06, which, among various adjustments, kicks off the annual in-game late summer event known as the Moonfire Faire, which, as you can see, is once again full of splashy bikini fun. And tentacles. You uh... just have to trust me on that.

If you aren't one of those ten million players yet, look, just sign up for the free trial already and give it a shot, or I'll have to write another 3000-word review trying to convince you.

(That said, my Stormblood review is coming soon, I promise. Spoiler: It's fantastic.)