Mike Salbato
Square Enix Reveals Dragon Quest Builders 2, Coming to PS4 and Switch
With larger areas, water and sky travel, and 4-player multiplayer in tow.
08.06.17 - 12:26 AM

Just last week, I picked up playing Dragon Quest Builders again, for the first time since November. The amount of time I've pored into the game's various modes should embarrass me, really. But I can't help but marvel at the timing: As I put more hours into building my colorful blocky empire, I've been saying things like "I really hope if that sequel happens, we can place water above sea level, and do things like build rooftop pools and waterfalls." I literally said that hours ago.

And then in a livestream from Japan, Square Enix officially revealed the sequel, and that is specifically one of the features. Look!

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Screenshot

Along with the debut of water at any height and waterfalls, as you'll see in our new Dragon Quest Builders 2 gallery, the world areas are much larger than in the first game up to 3x the altitude. With this added space, you'll be able to adventure and gather underwater. The livestream showed off a cloak that will let you glide through the air, and coupled with the new dash ability, it looks easier than ever to traverse the land.

Oh yeah, and did I mention there will be co-op multiplayer with up to 4 players? It's official: When this comes out, I will have to take some time off work.

Check out the full video below (the gameplay portion begins around 4:00). The astute and/or obsessed will note a cleaner UI, and the ability to hold two tools/weapons at once, taking advantage of the secondary shoulder buttons. Hopefully this is a sign that the sequel will have less obtuse controls!

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, but does not yet have a release date. Stay tuned!