Alana Hagues
Tokyo Xanadu Review
Falcom action meets Persona life.
08.01.17 - 5:22 PM

It was only a few years ago we were lucky if we got one Falcom release a year. This year, we're getting not just one but three first-time Western releases. Then there's the matter of those PS4 and Vita ports.

Following from the wonderful The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd, we've got Tokyo Xanadu. Those more familiar with Falcom's back catalog will know this game has roots in the Xanadu series. Rob Rogan spent time with Falcom's attempt to take their action RPG fun into a Persona-like world.

An upgraded PS4 version is due out later in the year, but if you're more of a handheld person, then check out Rob's review to see if Falcom's latest is worth a go!