Robert Steinman
Random Encounter 126: Crisis of Confidants
It feels like we'll grow closer soon.
04.25.17 - 9:31 PM

As promised, here's our fantastic episode dedicated to Persona 5. We're probably going to end up talking about this again in greater detail, but hopefully this will quench your thirst.

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Random Encounter 126: Crisis of Confidants

It's finally time to talk about Persona 5. In the interest of spoilers, we've included some timestamps in case you don't want to hear about specifics. After that, we've got a little Cosmic Star Heroine and we have to start the hype train for Dragon Quest XI.

Localization talk at 33:15
Questionable social link talk at 46:10
All Persona 5 talk ends at 1:06:15

Featuring: Robert Steinman, Derek Heemsbergen, Robert Fenner and Michael Sollosi