Keegan Lee
Free Update Coming to Final Fantasy XV
PS4 Pro owners rejoice!
04.24.17 - 7:50 PM

Square Enix has announced a free update for Final Fantasy XV, scheduled to release on April 27th. This new update brings significant improvements to some of the technical issues in the base game, while also adding some additional items and game play features. The new update includes the following features:

  • A "Stable Mode" for PlayStation 4 Pro, allowing the game to run at a consistent and stable frame rate.

  • Subtitles and menu text sizes have been enlarged

  • Time quests will return, including a new ranking system. Players will also be able to acquire a new two handed weapon, called the "Afrosword" that changes the background music to a new song by Afrojack.

  • New stickers for the Regalia will be available in game.

  • New songs will be added to the in-game music player.

Excluding Episode Gladiolus and the booster pack expansion, this marks the 6th free update for Final Fantasy XV, and with more expansion packs and free updates on the way, it's clear that Square Enix intends to keep supporting Final Fantasy XV for awhile.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on the Final Fantasy series.