Colin Burns
Bravely Second Hits Over 700,000 Sales Worldwide
Hmmm, I only know three people that bought it?
04.24.17 - 12:47 AM

Square Enix announced that the total worldwide sales for Bravely Second on Nintendo 3DS have topped 700,000 units in the two years since its release. Not bad for a traditional JRPG that doesn't have a huge name in front of it like "Final Fantasy". Square announced this fact on their official Twitter page and also confirmed that their mobile title, Bravely Default: Fairy's Effect has also been performing well. When Bravely Default sold well during its initial release, Square was surprised by the market's enthusiasm for traditional JRPGs and it's good to see that enthusiasm translating into sales for the sequel.

bravely second 700000 sales

More recently, the team behind the Bravely series is developing a new throw-back style RPG for the Nintendo Switch, Project Octopath Traveller. It is unclear whether or not the Bravely series will continue. If it did, would it stick it out on 3DS or make the jump to Switch? We will keep you posted as more details become available.