John Tucker
RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Tales of Berseria
Persona isn't the only series with Velvet.
04.22.17 - 6:40 PM

When Tales of Berseria was released earlier this year, some were nervous about whether it would be a great game, including our reviewer, Alana Hagues. But somewhere between those initial fears and realizing she had spent 50 hours with the latest entry in the Tales series, she came to feel much more positive about the experience, eventually giving it an 87% in her review.

This Sunday on our Twitch channel, Scott will play some of Tales of Berseria and see what it's got going for it that would bring a change in opinion. He'll start at 1 PM Eastern, and as of this writing, the plan is to start at the start for a while, then jump forward to a little later in the game. Join us there!

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