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Check Out The Latest Media for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III
Guns, gals, and a town called Reaves.
04.21.17 - 8:34 PM

Famitsu Magazine has steadily been putting out new screenshots and artwork from Nihon Falcom's highly anticipated The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, introducing us to the people and places we'll be encountering on this return trip to Erebonia. You can see them all for yourself in our updated gallery, but for now, read on for the highlights.

trails of cold steel musse

Musse Egret:

A girl from the noble Egret family, who wields a Magical Carbine. She's a good student and carries herself well as the scion of a noble household, but also tries to seduce Instructor Rean at every opportunity. Which... yeah, okay. I see you, Musse.

trails of cold steel iii ash

Ash Carbide:

This fine chap wielding a Variable Axe is from the entertainment district of Erebonia. He initially seems shady and impudent, but was able to impress the Imperial Army of Erebonia and the Bracer Guild thanks to his contributions during the civil war. He tends to pick a fight with Instructor Rean whenever given the chance.

trails of cold steel iii town reaves


Reaves is a scenic town located on the outskirts of the Imperial capitol, and serves as the headquarters for the Thors Military Academy Reaves II Branch School.

trails of cold steel iii aurelia

cold steel iii falcom towa

cold steel 3 michael

Aurelia le Guin:

A proficient swordswoman who fought against the Imperial Army of Erebonia during the civil war as a commander in the Noble Alliance.

Towa Herschel:

A brilliant young graduate of Thors.


A serious duty major of the Railway Military Police, who is monitoring Aurelia as a dangerous target.

trails of cold steel iii nihon falcom xseed please

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