Mike Salbato
XSEED Teases Akiba's Beat With New Story Trailer
Feel the beat!
04.20.17 - 8:39 PM

In less than a month, XSEED Games is bringing us Akiba's Beat, the spiritual successor but not sequel to Akiba's Trip. However, it seems to be a successor mostly due to its setting of Akihabara and anime-inspired art style, given the differences in gameplay.

To whet your appetite for what Akiba's Beat has in store, check out this brand new, if all-too-brief, teaser that focuses on the game's story elements:

Akiba's Beat is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (keep strong, little guy we believe in you!) on May 16th. Publisher PQube will bring the game to Europe shortly after, on May 19th. We'll no doubt see additional media between now and release, so keep checking back!