Colin Burns
The Great Ace Attorney 2 Launching for 3DS August 3rd in Japan
Must...resist..stupid "Objection!" joke…
04.14.17 - 9:35 AM

As part of the Japanese Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed the release date for The Great Ace Attorney 2 to be August 3rd in Japan for 3DS. Although the Switch is the hot new thing, it seems like RPG fans will still get a decent amount of mileage out of their 3DS. This sequel is set in the 19th century and like the first game in this spin-off series, features Sherlock Holmes. Capcom will share more details on April 17th during the series' 15th anniversary livestream. Check out the Nintendo Direct bit below.

The Great Ace Attorney 2 has not been confirmed for Western release, but we will keep you updated as details become available.