Trent Argirov
Kingdom Hearts Union χ [CROSS] Lands in the West For Android and iOS
An expansion to mobile Kingdom Hearts goodness!
04.12.17 - 8:41 PM

Square Enix has released the first expansion to popular mobile title Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, titled Kingdom Hearts Union χ [CROSS].

Hallmarking the free update, a new multiplayer mode titled Union Cross allows players to work together, in teams of six, through matchmaking or their fellow party members, to fight powerful Heartless and gargantuan bosses.

kingdom hearts union

Alongside the ability to team up with others, a Proud Mode has been added, allowing players to toggle difficulties before undertaking story-related quests to gain greater rewards. A Theatre Mode has also been added, allowing players to relive the story so far, and rewatch cut scenes at leisure.

In celebration of the launch, and commemorating the First Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts Union χ [CROSS] coming to the West, players will be able to obtain in-game currency and unique medals for their avatars.

As a bonus, check out the launch trailer for Kingdom Hearts Union χ [CROSS] below:

Kingdom Hearts Union χ [CROSS] is available on Android and iOS devices!

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