Peter Triezenberg
Ever Oasis Launches In June for Nintendo 3DS
July in Japan. We actually get this one first?!
04.12.17 - 8:38 PM

Nintendo announced during their latest Nintendo Direct presentation that Ever Oasis, an action-RPG by Koichi Ishii from Grezzo, will be released on June 23rd in North America and Europe for the Nintendo 3DS, as well as on July 13th in Japan. The game channels the spirit of the classic Mana titles with a sprinkling of The Legend of Zelda, making Ever Oasis one to watch for sure. Check out a new trailer and official synopsis from Nintendo below.

ever oasis nintendo 3ds

Koichi Ishii of Grezzo is the producer and the director of the game, and character design is done by famed illustrator Yoshinori Shizuma. Ever Oasis takes place in a sprawling desert with the oasis at its heart. Travelers with different wants, needs and wishes will visit the oasis. Players must head into the desert and locate dungeons. Allies with specific weapons and unique skill sets will join and strengthen the team. Items claimed in the desert can be used as materials to craft items to sell at shops in the game, or give to certain travelers.