John Alas
Pokemon Sun and Moon Mega Stone Giveaway Live
Complete your collection.
04.10.17 - 6:41 PM

Pokémon Sun & Moon players can now download additional Mega Stones via Mystery Gift for their Pokémon, temporarily evolving them into super-powerful forms. Pokémon receiving Mega Stones this month are Beedrill, Audino, Medicham and Mawile. The event is worldwide and players can receive their items by entering the code INTIMIDATE. There is currently no set end date for the event, but it's best to act quickly to avoid missing out.

pokemon sun and moon mega stone giveaway

In addition, it was revealed that Steelix and Pidgeot would be next in line to receive Mega Stones in May using the same code as the previous group.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are out now for 3DS. To see what we thought about the latest paired versions, check out our review.