John Tucker
The Surge: Target, Loot, and Equip Trailer
You'll be hackin' and whackin' and smackin'.
04.08.17 - 3:19 PM

Despite the recent release of a new Mass Effect game, it feels like we don't see a lot of sci-fi RPGs. But there's one headed our way next month, and this week it's got a new trailer. The Surge is billed as a "hardcore action-RPG," and if this trailer is anything to go by, it seems it'll live up to that billing.

As it shows, players will have a choice of which body parts they target on their enemies, playing into the risk/reward system of deciding whether to atack a weak point and get weak loot or put in some extra effort for a chance at something they'll want to equip right away.

The Surge comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 16, 2017.