Jesse Woo
Mobius Final Fantasy's English Trailer Invites You to Palamacia
Regain your memory.
07.29.16 - 2:08 PM

Square Enix has been on a tear lately with its forays into mobile for the Final Fantasy series, with the latest to come to west being Mobius Final Fantasy. Instead of the usual mash-up of past Final Fantasy games, Mobius tells a story with entirely new cast and world. Follow the amnesiac Wol as he journeys the strange land of Palamacia, having been charged with saving it and unraveling the prophecy of the warrior of light.

Square Enix has promised a "console" experience on a mobile platform, and has announced in-game incentives to entice players to sign up such as elixers, crystals, and summon tickets. Further, Square Enix promises more bonuses if the game achieves 150,000 pre-registered users. Check out the trailer to help you decide whether to join the movement.

Mobius Final Fantasy is due out on iOS and Android in the west on August 3rd.